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The Seychelles’ comprise of 115 granite and coral islands, 41 Inner granite Islands and 74 coral atolls and reef islets that are the Outer Islands. These beautiful secluded Islands are perfect for honeymooners or for those wanting to get away from it all, with the opportunity to explore lush island interiors or find a secluded beach. Any visit to the Seychelles is incomplete without island hopping – it is recommended to spend your time on at least two islands to get a true contrast of this beautiful country. Whilst the shopping may not be world class Creole handicrafts and foodstuffs make for superb gifts. Buy mother-of-pearl and shell jewellery, basketware made from raffia and palm and bamboo woodwork, not forgetting the Seychelles’ quintessential souvenir, the coco-de-mer nut.

Far out in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from Africa, the islands of the Seychelles were, General Gordon of Khartoum insisted, the setting of the original Garden of Eden.

Encircled by seas of the deepest blue, the 100 or so islands of the Seychelles are scattered in profusion across the Indian Ocean. Some, of granite, rear dramatically from sea to sky, draped in the exotic vegetation and flowers of the tropics. Others are formed of coral, and merely feet above the surface of the sea.

Wherever you travel in the Seychelles palm, takamaka and casuarina trees, lagoons and coral sand beaches are rarely far away. And, thanks to centuries of relative isolation, the islands have their own unique ecology, with many unusual birds and land species like the giant tortoise.

Mahe, the largest island, with soaring peaks and many exotic beaches and coves, is the setting of famous Beau Vallon Bay beach (excellent for watersports) and the little capital of Victoria. A short flight away is pIcturesque Praslin Island, home to some delightfuly romantic beaches, boasts the famous ‘Vallee de Mai’, whose lush setting and unique double coconuts convinced General Gordan of Khartoum fame that here he had managed to discover the original Garden of Eden!

Nearby is La Digue, just 4 miles square, and where life is even slower. It, too, boasts some striking, often largely empty beaches, and outstanding underwater seascapes for snorkelling and diving. Silhouette, even quieter, has a mountainous skyline visible from afar, and offers utter escapism right on Mahe’s doorstep! Bird is one of the coral islands, habitat of many rare and delightful birds, and a place of great beauty and tranquillity, with dazzling coral sands and turquoise seas. Then there’s Denis, another coral island, with unspoilt beaches, excellent fishing, and a mood of total privacy; and, further afield still, Desroches, a tiny coral atoll in the Amirantes group with superb diving and big-game fishing.

Come to the Seychelles to slow down. To set your watch to a gentle island lifestyle, where the mood is unsophisticated and where there are no lively resorts. To enjoy the Creole cuisine, the welcome of the Seychellois, the beauty of the setting. And, above all, to relax . . .

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